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Why Your Business Needs an Email Marketing Strategy

With the growth of social media marketing and the use of bite-sized chunks of information, both textual and pictorial, you might have reached the conclusion that the days of long-form marketing content are, well, long gone. But this is far from the truth.

Research on the rise of social media marketing shows that online shoppers engage in a considerable amount of web research before making real or e-purchases. That means that email marketing remains a targeted way to reach your consumer audience with product information they want, and it’s an opportunity to attract and retain new and repeat customers.

Read on to learn why your business needs an email marketing strategy as part of its wider consumer content approach.


Perfect for follow-ups

While social media marketing can be a starting point for brand introduction and attraction, follow-up with email marketing to share informative content about your products. When designing a campaign strategy, remember to identify clear goals and close your email with the right call to action.

Different campaigns can be used to inform customers about product specifications, notify them about in-store sales, or let them know to look out for an online special offer. Email marketing is also an opportunity to get into product details, invite customers to learn more, and equip them with information so they can seriously consider purchase.


Analyse your customer engagement

Email marketing provides an access point to analyse how your consumer base is interacting with content you provide about your products. While social media marketing can serve as the introduction to a product, email marketing, followed by time spent on the company website, are where your customers really interact with information about the product they’re considering purchasing.

And the more you can understand about how they’re interacting with your product, the more you know about how to improve your strategy so that it translates into sales. Analytics let you know how long a customer spent viewing your email, which parts caught their interest, which product retained interest, and what content urged them to visit a particular page.


Sell to those that want to be sold to

Email marketing allows you build and keep track of a complete customer list. With increasing regulations around the world on net privacy, it’s generally illegal to purchase mass email lists and spam unknown customers. Instead, the recent sophistication of email marketing practices allows you to build consent-based relationships with customers, where you usually have to request an email address at an in-person or e-point-of-purchase.

With opt-in approaches to email marketing, you can build long lasting relationships with customers and provide them with options for content they want and can choose from, such as e-newsletters, whitepapers, or sales promotions.

If you’re new to email marketing and unsure about its benefits, it’s a good idea to consider a free and easy-to-download option such as Mailchimp. With its inbuilt templates, and automated email delivery, Mailchimp is a great way to learn how to design campaigns and develop a customer relationship management system.

If you decide to stick with email marketing, Mailchimp also offers a number of reasonably priced paid packages tailored to diverse business needs such as company size, customer base, campaign frequency, and analytics goals.

Get in touch with us to discuss your business’s email marketing strategy and learn how to reach your customers with the right content.

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