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5 Reasons Why You Need a Contact Form on Your Website

It’s important to think about your company’s website as more than a platform for providing customers with information about your products and as a space for user engagement. Customers often research products through social media platforms which ultimately draw customer traffic to company websites. As this is usually the final stop, before purchase, it’s important to retain customer attention, and even close a sale.

User engagement

A contact form on your website allows your company to optimise marketing, sales, and customer service – all at once. In case there’s anything your website or customer research hasn’t covered, a contact form allows customers the freedom to ask you anything they need, and it adds a human touch! Mobile forms provide options for companies to organise the queries they receive by subject, message, and relevant department – or you might want to try an interactive application with ‘live’ questions prompts.



You might be thinking, ‘why does my website need a contact form when customers can just send me an email?’ Because company emails are publicly available, that leaves them exposed to spam, which means that legitimate customer emails could be missed, lost amongst the flood of irrelevant forwards and offers. Offering customers a separate contact form ensures that their queries reach you, and you’re able to respond to them in a timely manner, and don’t inadvertently miss out on hearing from them.


Get more leads

Contact forms are an added way to collect, increase, and keep track of new leads. Making sure your customers have a platform through which to reach you, allows them to personally contact you about any questions or comments that your website or social media may not have addressed. To generate leads this way, it’s important for your contact form to be easily accessible. Place links for your contact form in prominent places on your website, such as under the company’s ‘about’ tab or sidebar, including a call to action, so customers know exactly how to access the contact page.


User insights

In addition to questions, customers often have feedback for companies, that this is an important learning opportunity to make product improvements and provide competitive solutions. A contact form on your website allows you to provide professional customer service and grow your reputation as a company that takes both customer queries, ideas, and complaints seriously.


Services clarification

Sometimes, despite the best of your abilities, some customers might find certain features of your products or services, or sales and promotions difficult to understand – all they need is a little clarification. Or it could be the case that they just want to double check that they’ve understood the terms of agreement for a purchase correctly. A contact form is a really handy tool for customers to conduct the final portion of product research just before they’re ready to make a purchase and are reassured it’s the right choice for them.


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