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5 Signs It’s Time to Redesign Your Website

We’re sure you’ve heard people say, “Your website is the equivalent of a digital business card.” This is true! But a website is so much more.

When used right, it can be a complex marketing tool that captures information, engages a prospect, builds loyalty and, ultimately, brand value. So, ask yourself the questions below, and you’ll know pretty soon whether or not your website needs a makeover.

Is it looking fresh?

Ideally, you should redesign your website every two to four years, depending on your company profile and the kind of work you do. Websites should be totally aligned with the brand’s messaging, up-to-date service offerings, and overall content strategy. Also, remember that if links don’t work, or the design looks outdated, either in colours, style and/or feel, it’s not going to get anyone to stick around.


Is it mobile friendly?

Approximately 45% of the world’s population is on a smartphone at any given time and the average person spends up to 5 hours a day on it! If your website is not mobile-friendly, such as not having responsive web design for mobile viewing and therefore requires zooming in, or is generally just fiddly, people will not be inclined to stay. And don’t get us started if you’re still using Flash!


Is the SEO right?

Google continues to get smarter with its SEO algorithms. Previously, typing a strategic number of keywords across content would get a website to show up higher in its search engine rankings.

Now, Google encourages meaningful content that is relevant to users’ search queries. And remember, visitors need to be coming to your website to fulfil the action that you want them to complete! Have you asked yourself what that is?


Is it easy to navigate?

Ok, let’s say it’s signing up to a newsletter. Then why isn’t front and centre? Other content that needs to be easy to find includes the ‘About Us’ page that highlights what your company does, as well as the products and services pages.

You’ll be surprised how often these are difficult to find. What’s more, if your site is difficult to navigate, even Google will have a tougher time crawling through it for SEO. This means that you will not show up in relevant searches, which in turn will lead to less business.


Do you have a user-friendly CMS?

For any website, it’s equally important that the backend system is easy to use. Adding pages, updating pictures or inserting new copy, should be managed through a simple, yet powerful, content management system (CMS). If your website can’t keep up with the information your users need from it, it’s time for a redesign.

For more marketing insights, or questions on your current website, Get in touch for more information on how to plan and implement a website redesign that reflects your marketing needs.

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